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To make the decision of what quartz countertop you wants to be installed in your kitchen it is important to have an idea of ​​how that quartz looks in a complete slab and how it looks once installed.

Because this post is about Mara Blanca Quartz Premium Natural Quartz Fabrication and installation by Stone and Quartz LLC., the first picture that we need to add is the full slab of Mara Blanca, so you can have an idea how this looks.

Full Slab of Mara Blanca Quartz delivered to the shop.

Now in the following picture you can see the details of the design of Mara Blanca Quartz. Mara Blanca colors are creamy white background touched with grey veining. I think if you look close you can get a very good idea. But like we all ways recommended it is better to visit us if your located in Boca Raton FL and see a sample in person.

Closer picture of the slab of Mara Blanca

One of the steps is do templates to fabricate the perfect countertop.

Making the Template for the countertops

Once our customer visiting our showroom and chose the quartz or material that they wants, we proceed to make an appointment with our customer to make countertops templates to make the countertops. Once we finished the templates we take them to the shop to proceed with the fabrication of the countertops.

The day to make templates for the vanity top

It is important to make templates, because that guaranty that the countertops will be accurate. In the picture above you can see my husband taking the picture when he was doing the vanity countertop template. He is the one with gray t-shirt & beige bermuda. ;) He is who makes all the templates of all the countertops we fabricated and installed. That is, Hugo my husband, he is who goes to our customer homes to make templates of the countertops and them take it to the shop and be able to start with the fabrication of the countertops, once it is finished with the whole process of cutting, polishing edge and making the countertops details, in the coming days we make in appointment with our customer to return there house or the place of the project and do the countertops installation.

Countertops Installation Day!!!

First step for the countertops installation

These Mara Blanca countertops we installed in Boca Tierra neighborhood - Boca Raton FL. Well you can tell my husband is there again, he takes the pictures but normally is not mirror that reflected him :)

These is a vanity top with two sink cut-out, and the pieces is so long with a long custom shape that the slabs or any was

Mara Blanca countertops installed in Boca Raton FL

slab will be big enough to make it in only one pieces. That is why is a seem in the middle counter, but when we are really proud of our technique in the moment of the installation to make look the seem the less is possible. As you can see in the photos on the right and in the photos below.

Mara Blanca Quartz Vanity top Installation

Fabrication and installation Vanity Countertop details:


*Faucet holes

*Two sink cut-outs

*Two oval bowl ceramic sinks

*Two sinks installation ( Plumbing not included)

*4" Back splash

*1-1/4" edge.

*Material Mara Blanca Natural Premium Quartz

*Lugar of installation: at Boca Tierra neighborhood | Boca Raton FL

*Countertops Fabricator and Installer: Stone and Quartz LLC

*Quartz Countertops and sink Dealer: Stone and Quartz LLC located in Boca Raton FL 33432.

In these bathroom remodeling we also custom the shower seat with the same Mara Blanca Quartz.

Natural Premium Natural Quartz Mara Blanca bench shower

Mara Blanca quartz countertops it is an inspiration for a new kitchen countertops

In this kitchen we removed the old countertops and fabricated and installed Mara Blanca Premium Natural Quartz.

Mara Blanca Quartz | Full slab 2cm

The nice part of share with you the before and after is that we can really appreciate the big change that can have a kitchen replacing only the old cabinets.

Making templates to fabricate and install the new countertops

In this picture we are making templates for the new countertops. This is a small kitchen located in Boca Raton Florida. When we installed the new countertops the kitchen gave a beautiful change. In this kitchen we fabricated and installed 2cm straight edge Mara Blanca kitchen countertops.

Mara Blanca Quartz 2cm Straight edge

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