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The design of this slab is striking to the eye, perfect for adding a warm and modern image to the kitchen. As you can see in the pictures below, slab has a background color off white and veins of different shades of dark gray that are thin and small throughout the slab as we can see. As always I recommend that you visit us in our shop so that you can see a sample of this slabs directly and not only in photos

Blanca Arabescato quartz ready to be cut for countertops :)

Of course it is good to note that if we look closely at the photo the slab has a transparent plastic that covers it.

Once the slab is in the shop we proceed to follow our counter manufacturing schedule. Once finished with all the technical prerequisites that are required for the manufacture of a countertop the date of the installation of the countertop is planned with our client

Blanca Arabescato Quartz

In the photos below we can see how this material looks once installed on white cabinets and wood floor.

Blanca Arabescato countertops Fabricated and installed

I love the contrast between the dark colored veins on the countertop and the color of the porcelain floor that looks like wood.

Blanca Arabescato kitchen countertops installed Boca Raton FL 33432

In the following photo we can see that the sink that we installed is not the normal stainless steel sink that we installed in most of our projects, in this project our client chose the brand Blanco sink color for his kitchen. This sink perfectly combines and enhances the color of the counter. In our showroom we have a display of the Blanco sink brand, where you can appreciate the quality and variety of colors that Blanco offers.

Blanca Arabescato kitch countertops and Blanco Sink installed :)

Blanca Arabescato quartz countertops

The Perfect Backsplash

The next step in this kitchen remodeling was the backsplash installation. Once we installed the countertop our client visited our showroom to determine what would be the backsplash that will add more beauty to this kitchen remodeling, taking into account that it need to made a perfect game with the countertop that we previously installed and that would give amplitude and character to the kitchen.

Gray Glass Tile installed

Based on that we were pleased to know that our client was willing to get out of the standard White and his eyes were set on gray :) Initially we looked for a slab of quartz that looked like concrete but the wall of that kitchen was a little crooked so it would not look nice its installation. For that reason we look for the shades of gray in glass subway tile that could be perfect with this small kitchen, with the countertop, the floor and the cabinets.

Glass Tile installation day! in Boca Raton FL

Our client took two samples of gray subway tile and tested them in his kitchen acording with the light of his apartment and chose the one that you see in the following photos that we are installing, decision that we liked because for our experience that was the perfect color.

Then we order the tile and installed the kitchen backsplash.

Backsplash installation day!

Installing glass backsplash tile is a difficult job, because when is the moment to cutting the tile the paint behind the glass peels a bit due to the cut. Normally cuts are required at the top of the backsplash at the corners and at the ends of the cabinets. So it is really a delicate talented job, and sometimes no matter all the experience or how good it is the blade, just the glass tile does not help. That why installed glass tile required experience and time.

We finish with the installation of tiles and countertops :)

Now less look how beautiful looks this kitchen!

Quartz Countertops and Glass tile installation in Boca Raton FL 33432

3"x6" glass tile installation Boca Raton FL

Blanca Arabescato quartz countertops and Grey glass tile installation

Blanca Arabescato Quartz Countertops and Grey glass tile installation

Blanca Arabescato Countertops & Grey Backsplash installed in Boca Raton FL

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